Best Types of Blinds for Bi-fold Doors

Blinds are an effective and beneficial covering for bi-fold doors as they provide privacy, style and light filtration. These specialist blinds have been adapted to work on bi-fold doors, to provide homes with clean, professional coverings that are simple to use and do not need to be raised when opening or closing the door. Each […]

Best Types of Blinds for Schools

Light control is important in schools as too much sun can make children overheat and irritable and not enough light can make them tired and less productive. This is why we have put together a quick guide in order to help schools choose the most suitable blind style, to help increase productivity and maximise safety […]

Motorised Awnings: The Benefits and Latest Tech

If we told you that there’s a device that not only cools you down in the summer months, but also shelters you in the rain, extends your parties and keeps your energy bills low – would you want to invest? Awnings are an ideal and affordable addition to all homes. With a quick and easy […]

Types of Blinds Ideal for Motorisation

This month with Allegro Blinds we will be discussing the types of blinds ideal for motorisation, to ensure you only ever experience the best when purchasing technologically advanced blinds. With the combination of motorised techniques and stunning fabrics, it’s a matter of personal preference when deciding between Somfy, Louvolite or Luxaflex blinds. Choosing how to […]

Introducing Luxaflex’s New PowerView® Blinds Motorisation

Allegro Blinds we would like to introduce you to Luxaflex’s new PowerView Motorised Blinds. Set your blinds and curtains to open and close based on schedules you set. Control a single room or your whole house – it’s incredibly flexible! This article will explain how our exciting new product works, including its fantastic individual features […]

6 Tips for Cleaning Canvas Awnings and Canopies

This month, Allegro Blinds will be taking a look at how home and business owners can keep their awnings and canopies clean. Appropriately caring for your precious awnings and canopies is absolutely essential, especially when they’re built to welcome guests approaching your homes and shop fronts. As you can imagine with bouts of burning sun […]

Interior Design Trends 2017: Love Your Home Again

It’s a new year and a new you. January signals a time for change, and there’s no reason this feeling can’t extend to your home. If you’re growing tired of your old decor, now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home with a design overhaul. If you don’t have the budget […]

Meet the New Proprietor at Allegro Blinds St. Albans

The four branches of Allegro Blinds are run by a cohesive team of staff and proprietors, all of whom are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service and the highest quality products. Heading up the St. Albans branch has been the role of Brian Newman, who has over 30 years’ experience in the blinds […]

Remote Controlled & Motorised Blinds: The Rise in Popularity

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, these advancements are also becoming incorporated into our homes. Motorisation offers a level of convenience and modernisation that is boosting the popularity of remote controlled designs. This technology is now available for a variety of household features, including blinds. The degree of enhanced comfort and improved user control […]

Wooden blind cleaning and care guide

Offering a warm and earthy aesthetic, wooden blinds are a popular choice for homes across the country. But to keep them looking their best for years to come, it’s essential that they are cared for properly. Wooden blinds collect more dust than metal or plastic, but regular cleaning every three to four weeks should be […]