Awning & Canopy Glossary – The Different Styles Explained

This month, we’re here to share with you all of the different types of awnings and canopies available. Our experts will explain the differences between the styles, their functionality and where they’re best implemented.

  • Dutch Canopydutch canopy

– originated in the Netherlands, which is how it got the name -the Dutch Canopy became popular amongst shop fronts, to enhance the window front and entice customers. Ideal for cafes, who want to extend their seating area to the outside to accommodate to an increase of custom – this offers a nice shelter where they can enjoy the shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. The Dutch Canopy is an environmentally friendly way of monitoring the room temperature, reducing the sun’s rays from entering the window and thus, reducing the use of expensive air conditioning.

These stylish fittings can be retractable, fixed, manual or electronically operated. Generally they’re projected to 1.8 metres and are usually up to 6 metres wide. Dutch Canopies are an ideal way to make your business exterior pop and you can even use it to advertise by printing on your canopy logo or name.

  • Drop Arm Awningdrop arm awning

– provide shade over windows, patios and seating areas. The Drop Arm Awning can be installed both inside and outside, on windows or glazed roofing and can be operated easily by your favoured method. The Drop Arm Awning is fixed into a cassette where the fabric is held and extends from. The square or round cassette is positioned above the window or roof that requires the shade.

Drop Arm Awnings are of course, placed at a high point which means, for them to extend and retract they have a pair of pivotal arms, so that the fabric is kept under tension and kept in position when in and out of use. These are ideal for sun-facing windows, conservatories and garden centres.  

  • Slide & Folding Arm Awningfolding arm awning

used primarily to create shade from glaring sun, block UV rays and to reduce the light exposure inside a room. Slide and Folding Arm Awnings are best for the summer time and should not be in use during heavy rain and strong winds.

This type of awning creates an interesting profile to all buildings both domestic and commercial – they’re a lively, modern addition. A slide and folding arm awning, does what the name suggests – it slides and folds to retract and extend. An ideal style of awning that can cover your garden patio or a commercial seating area.

  • Sunbreakers (Movable & Fixed Louvre Arrays)modern black patio sun breaker louvre array

– also could come under pergolas, they look like external venetian blinds. Of course, they are bigger than your typical
set of Venetian blinds and offer more features to provide increased comfort and weather protection. A sunbreaker enhances a building because it can offer both industrial and residential buildings an area away from direct sun, wind and other types of weathering. Sun and Windbreakers are brilliant systems that improve the exterior of a building, whilst adding better thermal insulation to improve the climate inside the building.

Sun and Windbreakers are made up of aluminium adjustable or fixed blades that rotate up to 90 degrees – they are thick and their inner slats improve the whole system, making it nice and lightweight but durable too. The blades join to the guiding rails, with the use of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. Sunbreakers and Windbreakers have ball bearings and power units that work to offer a flawless, soundless rotation of the blades.  

  • Shade SailsGarden sun sail over patio

– an incredibly modern shade structure that can be placed indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of colours and what’s better, is that you can choose your own structure – even a pergola weave. They offer light rain and sun protection and effective coverage, outside/inside shopping centres, parks and in your garden at home. Shade Sails are visually pleasing and come in a range of shapes and sizes, so that you have a bespoke shaded area to best suit your needs.

  • Terrace Awning (Patio awning)patio awning

– the Terrace Awning or simply put, Patio Awning, is the best way to bring shade to your outdoor areas. Whether you place your Patio Awning to protect your summer tables and chairs from sun damage or to provide shade for you and the family pets, you can be more flexible outdoors when you have shelter from the sun, wind and light rain.

The nice thing is, you can retract this awning, so during the winter for example, you can hide and protect it from winter damage. These are wall mounted but can be extended and retracted both manually and electronically. There are three different types to choose from; full cassette, semi cassette and open cassette. So talk to the professionals to see which one best suits you and your home.

The type of operation generally available with each type:

  • Manualif you would prefer to operate any awning or canopy yourself, you can manually open and close them.
  • Electricin this day and age, electronic operated awnings and canopies aren’t that much more expensive and can be a much easier way to enhance your lifestyle.

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