Patio Door Blinds – What To Look For When Choosing The Right Ones?

Sliding patio doors are beautiful features because they bring the outdoors closer and, often, a lovely view too. However, because they cover such a large area, your room can become flooded with lots of natural light, making it hard to see and not to mention, overly hot indoors. To ensure you enjoy optimal, natural lighting and a cool and temperate room, it’s important to furnish accordingly to enhance your experience at home. This month, Allegro Blinds are here to discuss the best blinds for your sliding glass patio doors, so you can weigh up your options.  


What do you need from your blinds for your patio doors?


  • Insulation

Depending on where your sliding doors are situated in the house, you might find that the room can get overly hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. So when choosing your window dressings, consider how best to insulate your home to get the best of both worlds when the seasons change. Although it may sound odd, good insulation will keep your home both comfortably cool or warm depending on where the heat is coming from. If you have your heating on, your blinds will act as a barrier and trap the heat, whereas when the sun is glaring through your windows, your blinds will act as a barrier and reflect the heat.


Blackout blinds
For optimal insulation and complete blackout, blackout blinds are the perfect solution for your patio doors. They will give you the flexibility you need to have a lazy lie-in or movie night during the summer, along with sound reduction, privacy and reduced energy bills.



  • Easy, wipe-clean solutions


Certain window coverings can be a hassle to clean. Take curtains for example, they require a lot of time and effort because they must be unhooked, dry cleaned, ironed and reattached – which can be more than a day’s work. If you don’t want to be without window coverings for longer than a day and you wish to maintain your privacy, opt for wipeable blinds. These include: vertical blinds, Perfect Fit blinds, roller blinds and remote controlled blinds.


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds look very elegant over sliding patio doors because of their sheer length and delicate design. This style of blind allows for a whole variety of lighting options, allowing for all, none or partial sunlight. For quick tips on how to best clean your vertical blinds, click here to read more.    


  • Safety


When you decorate your home, you must always consider safety first. Blinds today have safety mechanisms to ensure your adjustable cords and loops are carefully compact to prevent trips, falls and choking hazards. Always ensure that your blinds are child and pet safe by installing cordless blinds, remote controlled blinds, blinds with in-built safety systems or ones with separate safety systems.


Remote-controlled blinds

For complete peace of mind, choose remote controlled blinds that can be operated at the push of a button. These effortless window solutions are incredibly sleek and offer extra grandeur to your sliding patio doors.


For blinding inspiration, turn to the experts here at Allegro Blinds. We have a wealth of experience supplying and fitting blinds, awnings, canopies and shutters – so whatever it is you need, you can guarantee a flawless service with us.