Blinds That Let Light In But Provide Privacy

Wherever we live, it’s always nice to have maximum privacy whilst still being able to allow in ample natural light – so how can we ensure we get the best of both worlds? This month, Allegro Blinds are here to share knowledge, so you can benefit from the perfect blinds that are best suited to your tastes, style and budget.

Types of blinds that let light in whilst providing privacy:  


Venetian Blinds
Thanks to their style, these horizontal slats allow lots of natural light into the home and, what’s more, they can provide you with optimal privacy when tilted at just the right angle. Venetian blinds have elegant lines and are a simple solution when looking for both privacy and lots of natural daylight. They provide the user with great flexibility: Venetian blinds can be fully retracted, extended, tilted closed and angled to prevent glare. Although it’s uncommon for this style of blind to be completed raised, the option is there should you wish for maximum illumination throughout the home.

Plantation Shutters
Offering homes a European feel, plantation shutters are, in fact, the most under used style of window solution in the UK – with no reason for it. Plantation shutters are one of the oldest styles of window covering and offering exceptional light control, temperature control and privacy too.

Plantations shutters are commonly found in hot countries because they’re very good at keeping the heat out in the summer and in during the winter – a sure way to maintain low energy bills. In addition to that, the slats on a plantation shutter can be adjusted to direct the sunlight towards the ceiling and away from your line of sight which will not only brighten up the room but maintain the perfect level of privacy; perfect for a lazy weekend in.


Vertical Blinds
Similar to Venetian blinds, vertical blinds can be fully retracted, extended and tilted to best suit your lighting needs – the only difference is that they are vertical. Used over large windows, vertical blinds can be positioned nicely over french doors too – a perfect way to frame your doors and provide easy access through to the garden patio.  

Day & Night Blinds

An innovative window treatment that utilises different materials for their useful properties. Day & night blinds are fabricated in a way that offers the user complete control of light and privacy. Also known as vision day/night blinds, twist blinds or multi-shades, this product combines both translucent and opaque materials to obtain the best features a blind can offer. Day & night blinds work just like a roller blind but have different layers of material that can be altered tactically to allow for the perfect balance of light and privacy.  


Transparent & Translucent & Opaque Blinds

Blinds offer homes the perfect finish; with many styles and materials to choose from, you can create the optimal natural lighting and ventilation system throughout each room. You even have choice of fabrics that offer varying levels of privacy thanks to translucent, transparent and opaque materials.

> Transparent blinds allow maximum sunlight to enter the room but offer little privacy unless tilted.

> Translucent blinds diffuse sunlight which increases your privacy from the watchful eyes of those passing by, as they will only be able to see shadows inside the room.

> Opaque blinds offer complete privacy, blackout blinds will not allow light to pass through or nosey neighbours to see in.   


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