Four Main Styles of Interior Window Shutters Explained

This month with Allegro Blinds, we’re here to share our professional guide to the four main styles of window shutters. We understand how important it is to get our window solutions right the first time, not only so they fit to perfection but also so they last for many years to come. To find out more about the variety and uses of interior window shutters, please read on.

Cafe shutterscafe style wooden shutters

Cafe shutters cover the lower half of a window, leaving the top of the window free from coverings. These shutters offer a clean installation, allow maximum light exposure and the utmost privacy from passers by. These shutters can be found all around the world but are most prevalent in European countries. They’re ideal for tall buildings with high windows, as these features enable you to make the most out of cafe shutters’ unique style. This style of shutter is an elegant window solution and can be found in a variety of buildings including; homes, hospitals, cafes and restaurants.

Tier-on-tier shutters

Tier-on-tier shutters offer great versatility with the use of their upper and lower panels that allow individual movement when opening and closing. These shutters are ideal for those who don’t have a front garden as they can maximise privacy and can revolutionise lifestyles inside the home. During the day you may avoid sitting in the front rooms of the home due to nosey people walking past on the street but with tier-on-tiers, this doesn’t need to be an issue. If you use tier-on-tiers for privacy, you can stop people from peering into your home, by closing the lower section or tilting the slats for optimal privacy and light. With the use of the upper shutters, you will never have to compromise again – you may wish to leave your upper shutters open all day everyday (as no one is tall enough to see in through the top section anyway) and only close them at night, for a peaceful blackout.

Full height shuttersfull height wooden shutters

Full heights are comprised of two shutters, one on each side of the window and are used like bi-folding doors, with independent operation. These types of shutters are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and any front facing rooms which may require privacy. The style enables the user to adjust accordingly – one side could be completely shut with slats tilted to a close and the other can be fully or even half open. They are perfect for daytime naps for the kids, great for reducing glare off the television and not to mention, they will enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Solid panel shutters

Solid panel shutters are exactly that – solid window coverings. They look almost like doors for your windows but with the added bonus of the shutter/slat effect so you can adjust the slats inside the shutter’s frame, rather than opening the coverings entirely. Solid shutters offer complete blackout, reduced noise pollution and add a higher level of security thanks to their thick traditional frame.

Bespoke shutters offer a wonderful finish to your home and can be installed into variety of windows, no matter what their shape or size. Shutters can also be made from a wide selection of materials including wood, PVC and faux wood, so you can take your pick.

If you’re on the lookout for made to measure shutters, count on Allegro Blinds to supply you with high-quality window solutions and flawless installations, first time around. Our team of thoroughly trained professionals cover a wide range of locations including: Harrow, Watford, St Albans, Welwyn and Dunstable/Luton. If you would like advice or wish to make a booking, please feel free to get in touch today.