How to Paint Shutters?

If your shutters are looking a little tired, or you simply feel it’s time for a change of look, then you may be considering painting them. If that’s the case, then it will help to read this guide from Allegro Blinds to avoid any mistakes. In this piece, we’ll run you through how to paint wooden shutters and plantation shutters with ease. 

Step 1: Remove the shutters

It’s important that you do this – attempting to paint your shutters whilst they are still in place will be difficult. Unscrew the hinges of your shutters and then remove the plantation shutters from their frames – it’s wise to ask someone to help you do this, as the shutters can be bulky. Once this is done, you can remove the frames, too.

Step 2: Remove hinges and hooks

These little items can get in the way of your painting, so be sure to remove them before getting the brushes out. When removing the screws, hooks and other pieces, make sure to keep them organised so you know what goes where when it comes to re-fitting the shutters.

Step 3: Clean your shutters

Shutters accumulate dust and dirt simply through general use, and while it might not be immediately obvious, these little bits of dirt and dust can hamper the quality of any paint job. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove excess dust, and then simply wipe the shutters down with a damp cloth. As an extra step, you can use a liquid sander to get rid of the most stubborn of stains. 

Step 4: Primer time

Applying a coat of primer is crucial, especially if your shutters already have a painted finish on them. A water-based primer will allow the paint to adhere better – leave it to dry completely before applying the paint. 

Step 5: Spray paint

While you can paint shutters with a brush, you get better results with a can. Using a spray can held about 10 inches from the shutters, pointing slightly upward, move in horizontal or vertical patterns, slowly, ensuring an even coating. Repeat for several thin coats, as this will look superior to a single thick coat. 

To avoid any droplets etc, take your finger off the nozzle before stopping. If you do notice any blemishes, use a paintbrush to remove them. 

Step 6: Replace and reinstall


Locate your (hopefully) well-organised hardware, screws and hooks, put them back in place and then re-fit your shutters back into their frame. 

With a fresh coat of paint applied correctly, your shutters will look clean, fresh and appealing. All you need is a bit of organisation, some primer and a spray can, and you’re ready to give your shutters a makeover. 


Allegro Blinds are proud providers of shutters of all kinds, from faux wood and MDF shutters to plantation shutters, with a huge stock of blinds, canopies and awnings available, too. For more information, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you may need.