How to Personalise Your Blinds to Match Your Interior

It can be difficult to determine which style of blind in which colours, patterns or materials will best suit the decor around the house. So to make your life a little easier, find your creative flair and inject some individualism into your home with our personalised, printed roller blinds.


Giving you the ability to control light and levels of privacy with absolute ease, our roller blinds are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for use throughout your house. Combine functionality and style to create a flawlessly unique window dressing solution.

Personalised blinds for children


Children revel in creativity. Let their imaginations run wild and dress your child’s window with personalised, innovatively designed blinds to perfectly suit their interests and unique personality. A colourful superhero print would be ideal for children who marvel at their favourite action hero. Perhaps opt for some fascinating dinosaurs or exotic zoo animals, you could even inject some soft pink tones by going for a cluster of flowers or a design that’s full of empowered princesses – the possibilities are endless.



Personalised blinds for the bedroom


Whether you’re looking to incorporate warm tones for a cosy movie night in bed or simply want a sophisticated, contemporary space to relax in, our custom printed blinds give you complete freedom to design a set of printed roller blinds that will seamlessly complement your bedroom decor.


Add a quirky edge and go for blinds that feature the map of the world or thought-provoking artwork. It’s the ultimate opportunity to inject your own personality into your window dressing solution, ensuring optimum uniqueness.



Personalised blinds for the rest of the home


Bathroom roller blinds are perfect for light and privacy control.  Our personalisation service gives you full control over the vibe you want your bathroom to have. Whether you go for cool tones or warm shades, you’ll be sure to find a set of blinds that perfectly suit your bathroom decor. For a seaside vibe, go for light blue shades or simple nautical, horizontal stripes. To create a warm haven, opt for warmer tones and calming designs, such as footprints in the sand or a watercolour piece.


Kitchen blinds are both functional and practical, but this doesn’t mean to say that they can’t also be stylish. We’re giving you free creative reign with our personalised roller blinds, giving you the opportunity to innovatively design a set of blinds that you’re guaranteed to love.


Opt to have one of your favourite recipes printed onto it, or go for a simple design, featuring cutlery, different types of corkscrews or some of your go-to coffee variants. Minimalist patterns are both stylish and contemporary; perhaps go for some soft wavy lines or a modern pattern using cool shades. No matter what your taste, allow us to print a set of custom-made roller blinds to your exact specifications.


Living room blinds have the potential to create a cosy vibe with the aim of making you feel as snug as a bug throughout a highly anticipated, very much deserved, relaxing night in. Our personalisation service allows you to design a set of blinds that guarantees you the perfect space to unwind.


Warm tones are ideal for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Blinds with calming patterns and muted shades are perfect for producing a peaceful interior. Opt to have flocks of flying birds, sunsets or artwork with predominantly earthy tones printed onto your living room roller blinds.


Personalising your own blinds has never been so easy. We produce high quality, digitally printed roller blinds, made to your exact requirements and specifications, so you’ll never be left disappointed. For more information about our custom printed blinds, give our expert team a call today – we’re always happy to help.