How to Remove Blinds

Every so often, it’ll be time to take our blinds from our windows, either to clean them, paint a window frame or perhaps replace them with a new window dressing. When that time comes, it’s important that blinds are removed from your window in the correct manner, and Allegro Blinds are going to run through the process of safely removing window blinds. 

How to remove vertical blinds

  • Roll the blinds up

Ensure that the blinds are fully rolled up to the very top of the frame; make sure they are secure at the top of the frame so you can get on with the next step. 

  • Clear obstacles

Make sure there’s nothing in the way – clear the windowsill, ensure there aren’t any decorations or anything on the window frame.

  • Release the brackets

There are two brackets at the top of your blind; open them. Depending on the type of bracket you have, you’ll need to either lift a plastic lever or push the plastic track in, before pulling upwards to release the blind. Repeat this action on the other side to remove the blind. 

blue vertical blinds

How to remove horizontal blinds

  • Open the slats and raise the blinds

Open the slats of the blinds so they are all perfectly flat. If you pull the blind up using the cord, as you would if you were opening them, the slats should all gather and sit securely at the top of the frame.

  • Release the brackets

On either side of the blind, there will be a bracket. You need to push the blind against the bracket whilst holding the base of the blind in place, twisting downwards on the bracket until the blinds are released. Repeat on the other side and you can remove your blind. 

White window blinds


How to remove roller blinds

  • Close the blinds

Roll the blinds up, as you would normally. Ensure that the window sill is clear of obstacles and breakables.

  • Remove the child safety clip

Child safety clips are common and potentially vital in homes with small children. If your blinds have one fitted, remove the screw holding it in place and then pull the clip off. This will release the cord.

  • Identify the bracket

There are two types of bracket – a pin and a wheel – and opening them requires two separate approaches. For a pin bracket, the pin should be inside the blind casting which is on the opposite side to the cord; push against the bracket to release.

A wheel bracket is also located in the top corner of the blind, opposite the cord. Turn it anticlockwise, and you’ll hear it click eventually; you can then pull the blind away from the bracket.

Window with sand coloured roll blinds

How to remove Roman blinds

  1. Open the blinds

The blind strips, or blades, should be in a half-open position. Ensure there are no obstacles on the window sill. 

  • Remove each blade

There’s a clip at the top of each blade; open it and then push the blade in an upwards, twisting motion to release it.

  • Release the track

There are brackets at the back of the blind panelling; these can be removed with a flathead screwdriver, twisting and releasing the brackets before pulling the panelling from the window.


Roman blinds in a bathroom

Removing blinds from windows may seem fiddly on the face of it, but it really isn’t. With this handy guide, you’ll know how to remove your blinds safely and effectively with no need to worry about damaging them.

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