Most Common Problems with Different Types of Blinds

Blinds are a simple, stylish window dressing solution, effortlessly operated for ultimate convenience. However, even the most practical blind can encounter some issues from time to time. But fear not,  we’re on hand to help you fix them and prevent those problems from happening again.


Roller Blinds

Although one of the most popular and simplistic sets of blinds on the market, roller blinds encounter their fair share of problems, but these are incredibly easy to rectify.

Common problems and how to fix them

The blind rolls down but is difficult to roll back up

  • Remove the blind from the bracket
  • There’s a pin on the side which can be turned (you may need pliers to do this)
  • Turn the pin until it no longer moves
  • Put the blind back on the bracket
  • Operate as normal

The blind rolls up and down but won’t stay in place

  • Take the blind off the bracket
  • Roll the fabric all the way up
  • Once the ratchet is exposed, remove any dust build-up
  • Apply a lubricant to the ratchet, ensuring it runs smoothly
  • Put the blind back up
  • Operate as normal

The blind rolls up or down too slowly

  • Lower the blind all the way down
  • Remove the blind from the window
  • Manually roll it up halfway
  • Put the blinds back up
  • Operate as normal

The blind rolls up or down too quickly

  • Raise your blinds all the way up
  • Remove the blind from the bracket
  • Manually roll it down halfway
  • Hang the blinds back up
  • Operate as normal


Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are designed to provide optimum warmth, along with complete privacy and light control. So it’s inconvenient when they stop working as they should. Here’s how to fix those pesky problems:

Common problems and how to fix them

The blind hangs unevenly

  • Look at the string furthest away from the blind
  • This should be the longest of the strings
  • If not, the string was cut too short initially
  • Check for tension in the string
  • Replace the string for a longer one
  • Alternatively, the string could be too long
  • Examine the back of the blind to see if any loops are damaged or broken
  • Replace any loops, ensuring the string is wrapped around it correctly
  • Re-hang the blind
  • Operate as normal

The cord is broken

  • This will need replacing
  • Remove the blind from the window
  • Unloop the current cord and replace with a new one
  • Thread it through all necessary loops
  • Operate as normal

The blinds don’t fold up neatly

  • Take the blind off the window
  • Lay the fabric down and iron it
  • Put them back up in the window
  • Operate as normal


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a timeless classic, effortlessly adding an element of sophistication to your home. Therefore, it can be frustrating when they stop performing their function. Here’s what could be wrong with your blinds, along with how to fix them:

Common problems and how to fix them

One slat has been damaged

  • Contact supplier for a replacement slat
  • Slide a card into the stem and slide out the slat
  • Push the new slat into the stem (ensure the hole is aligned with the stem clip)
  • Arrange the blinds how you’d like them
  • Operate as normal

The slat connecting chain has broken

  • Replace the old chain with a new one
  • The chain clips can be removed and attached
  • Chain lengths are sold according to their number of clips
  • Multiply the number of slats you have by two – this is how many chain clips you’ll need
  • Always follow the instructions on the packaging

One slat is rotated out of sync with the others

  • Take the stem and slowly twist it until it clicks back into place
  • If the stem feels stuck, don’t force it, not all brands allow manual alteration
  • Contact a blinds specialist for help or advice on fixing the rotated slat

The slats won’t rotate

  • Take the blind off the window and lie on the floor
  • Look inside the headrail
  • If you have a chain pulley system, ensure the chain hasn’t come off the sprocket wheel
  • If it has, loop it back round correctly
  • Put the blind back in the window
  • Operate as normal

The blinds are hard to open

  • Dismount the blinds from the window
  • Look inside the headrail
  • If it’s dusty or dirty, give it a thorough clean
  • Use a silicone-based lubricant to smooth the operation of internal mechanisms
  • If neither of the aforementioned work, seek the help and advice of a blinds specialist


How to Prevent Problems with Your Blinds

  • Dust them regularly – this prevents a build-up in fixtures and fittings
  • Clean them carefully – for example don’t pull them too hard 
  • Be gentle with the fabric – some can be delicate
  • Wipe down any runners your blinds are hung from – such as vertical blinds
  • Untangle cords – this can prevent them from snapping


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