Motorised Awnings: The Benefits and Latest Tech

If we told you that there’s a device that not only cools you down in the summer months, but also shelters you in the rain, extends your parties and keeps your energy bills low – would you want to invest?

Awnings are an ideal and affordable addition to all homes. With a quick and easy installation, you could extend the living area of your home into a stunning sheltered outdoor realm. Unwind in your garden come rain or shine with the wonders of a motorised awning – don’t cut your BBQ parties short, just watch the world go by underneath the calming shade.

The benefits for homesluxaflex awning on back garden

  • Energy efficiency – thanks to the awning, the sun’s rays will be blocked from entering the home. This will reduce the need for air conditioning and your investment will pay itself off over time.
  • Permanent fixture – create an extension to your home but outdoors, with the added luxury of the fresh summer breeze.
  • Extended shelter on your patios/decking – enables you to enjoy all weather. On those temperate summer nights, press the button on your handy remote and watch the awning retract, revealing the stars without having to leave your seat. Likewise, if you’re entertaining and it starts to drizzle outside, all you have to do is touch the button to keep you and your guests dry.
  • Control temperature – don’t get hot and bothered outside, or inside for that matter. Install an awning over a sun facing room and this will help block the sun’s rays entering the window – reducing the greenhouse effect in your home.
  • Prevents sunlight damage – UV damage is no secret; over time, fabrics fade and colour dulls, but with an awning, you need not worry about replacing your upholstery. When the sun is at it’s best you can open your awnings to protect your textiles and garden furniture.
  • Great styles and textures – Complement your home with various colours and patterns. Incorporate wonderful designs to the outside of your home and reap all the extra benefits in addition to their beauty.
  • UV-resistant – we all know that sitting in the sun without sunscreen can be harmful to our skin and it’s not always convenient to cover yourself in cream. However, with your awning blocking the harsh UV rays, you can sit in your garden in the shade without a worry. It’s good for your health and good for your pets, this gives them the shade they need during the height of the day.

The benefits for businessesempty tables on restaurant terrace beneath red awning

  • Attractive on commercial buildings It’s nice to give your customers the opportunity to sit inside or outside. A smart, eye catching awning can provide people with a very warm welcome and entice them to you. On a particularly sunny day people don’t want to spend their time inside, they’re more likely to find a place where they can sit and enjoy the nice weather.
  • Expands your seating with your business spilling to the outside, you will have more customers due to the shelter and the seating and, therefore, more business.
  • Protects furniture – with an awning you will protect furniture from the sun’s rays to keep your business looking pristine all year round.
  • Drizzly days – even when it’s raining there’s no need to cram people in, they can take shelter under the awnings on warm, grey day.

Latest technology

Say bye-bye to manual work and hello to a life of luxury, with the best and latest technology that can be installed in your own home. Delve into the grandeur that Luxaflex and Caribbean awnings will provide. Both brands supply easy to use technology to ensure you’re supplied with the utmost convenience and with a product that’s made to last.

Here at Allegro blinds, we supply both Luxaflex and Caribbean awnings, so you can forget the manual work. Extend and retract your awnings with an easy to use control that’ll do it for you. With specialist technology made to enhance homes and businesses everywhere, you can’t go wrong.

  • Operate using a control
  • Charming functionality
  • Choose a design to complement your home

Allegro blinds have over 7 decades of experience, so you can be sure to count on our team to do an expert and professional job – whatever your requirements. We offer blinds for commercial and domestic use, awnings, canopies and shutters. Should you want a free home visit and quotation, please get in touch with our friendly team today.