The Security Benefits of Shutters

It’s imperative to any homeowner to do all they can to keep intruders out of their home. From burglar alarms to CCTV, there are many ways to keep prying eyes away from your house. However, physical barriers can be equally as effective, if not more so. Here’s how classic window shutters can help boost security in your home, as well as provide a stylish, contemporary window dressing solution.

They offer full privacy control

Window shutters are perfect for privacy control, providing you with an extra, physical barrier to keep the wandering eyes of a burglar at bay. The top sections of plantation shutters can be opened and closed independently from the bottom section. Often, people choose to have the bottom half closed and the top half open to let in a generous amount of natural light, whilst simultaneously obstructing the view into their house from the street.

Shutters make gaining access difficult

Window shutters, whilst incredibly stylish and versatile, can make it difficult for an intruder to gain access to your home via the window. As a physical obstruction, the shutters would need to be pulled from the windows before an obstruction-free path can be achieved. Often, burglars look for quick and easy ways in and out, but window shutters simply don’t allow for snappy entries and fleeting exits through open windows.


Other ways to prevent a break-in

As much as window shutters can help to deter robbers, there are other ways in which you can stop an intruder from illegally entering your home:


  • Check that windows and doors are locked before going to bed and leaving the house
  • Don’t post your whereabouts on social media
  • Hide valuables
  • Put lights and radios on timers throughout the day and night
  • Install double glazed windows with sturdy locking mechanisms
  • Use alarms where you can
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to periodically check on your property when you’re away from home
  • Ensure back gates and garden fencing are in good condition and locks work effectively
  • Ensure valuables are kept away from windows
  • Draw blinds/close shutters at night and while you’re away from home


For further advice on how to prevent your house from being burgled, visit the crime prevention advice page issued by the police.


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