Tips For Cleaning Roller Blinds

Every now and then marks and layers of dust become noticeable on upholstery and, once you’ve spotted it, it can become a regular reminder that it’s time for a good old clean. If you’re fed up of seeing dirty roller blinds, listen up! Allegro Blinds are here to offer you 6 cleaning tips to get your blinds looking as good as new.

Once you notice a load of dust and dirt harbouring amongst your blinds, it’s time to take action by following our cleaning tips.  


  • Vacuum cleaning roller blinds


Firstly you will want to vacuum your blinds before taking them down or wiping them – removing them from the fittings will only spread dust and dirt, and wiping them will only force the grime further into the fibres of the blinds. So, with the soft brush nozzle attachment, vacuum your roller blind and glide across gently – this will help to remove any loose dust particles. Now you’re ready to carefully remove your roller blinds from their fittings, perfect for a thorough clean.


  • Spot cleaning roller blinds


Sometimes our roller blinds just need a quick and simple spot clean and so, we recommend you wet the cloth with lukewarm water and a little baking powder – to help lift the marks on your roller blind. Always wipe or brush the stain in one direction and do this gently to avoid creating rivets in the material.


  • Steam cleaning roller blinds


Steam cleaning roller blinds will not only refresh them but will kill any germs that are present. It’s a common misconception that steam cleaning is bad for blinds but this method is in fact one of the best ways to revive them. That said, it is important to understand the type of fabric you’re dealing with. If the material is hard, it’s better to wipe them down with a cloth, but if they’re made from a soft material, steam clean away. Always check the advice provided by the manufacturer – any reputable company will explain how to clean the fabric for best results.

Regular everyday cleaning will certainly help to remove pollen grains and a buildup of dust but it will not eliminate all particles – which is important to those who suffer with allergies. The only method that will eliminate the dirt completely is steam cleaning.


  • Removing mould from roller blinds


Mould is ugly and bad for your health. Should you find mould lurking within the fibres of your roller blinds, it’s important to remove it or change your blinds altogether. Window coverings are the perfect place to harbour mould, with condensation able to develop nicely. The combination of the warm, early morning sunlight crossed with your cold windows enables mould to thrive!

Cleaning mould on your roller blinds with detergent and water: you can remove mould by using a cloth, clear mould detergent and lukewarm water. If this doesn’t do the job, try using lemon juice with salt and leave to dry before wiping down thoroughly.

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