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Vision day and Night Blinds

A useful new innovation has hit the market in the form of vision blinds, which give you complete control of the light you let into your room, without obstructing your view. Also known as day and night blinds, twist blinds or multishade blinds, this versatile option features alternating horizontal panels of translucent and opaque material, allowing the perfect balance of privacy and great lighting.

The Benefits of Vision day and Night Blinds

  • Made out of translucent and opaque material
  • Ideal balance of privacy and light control
  • Stylish, modern look
  • Available in many styles and finishes
Vision / Day & Night Blinds

To find out more about our range of vision day and night blinds or to arrange a free home visit and quotation across St Albans, Watford and Harrow, please contact your local branch or send us an enquiry. You can also see the new vision blinds and the entirety of our range in one of our showrooms, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing your new blinds.

Vision day and Night Blinds Gallery

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