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Child Safety Blinds

The blinds you choose for your property should be, above everything else, completely safe to operate. Here at Allegro Blinds, we understand the importance of child safe blinds, and we strive to provide a wide range of blinds which are designed to meet all child safety standards.

Blind Cord Safety

With cord-operated blinds, child safety becomes a serious concern. Young children can easily become tangled in the cord, and this can potentially prove fatal. Because of this risk, a number of child safety features have been developed to provide a safer method of operating your blinds, making them more convenient to use as well as greatly lowering the risk for households with babies or young children. These features include:

Cordless blinds:These blinds are operated entirely by hand, eliminating the need for a cord, leaving nothing for children to grab and become entangled in.

Motorised blinds:These are also cordless, and use a remote control to manipulate the blinds diverting risk of children being entangled in a cord.

Cord lock-away: The cord is obscured and kept safely concealed in a plastic rod or ‘wand’. This rod can be twisted to manipulate the slats, and pulled or pushed to raise or lower the blind.

Tensioned cord: With a tensioned cord, the cord or chain used to operate the blind is passed through a tensioning device which is attached to the wall. This device keeps the cord taut, so there won’t be anything loosely hanging down that children can grab onto.

Gear box: The blind is simply operated by a crank or handle instead of a cord. The handle is simply turned in order to raise or lower the blind.

We offer child safety blinds in a wide range of styles, to help keep your entire home completely child safe.

To find out more about the child safety features of our blinds, get in touch with our friendly team today. We operate throughout St Albans, Harrow, Dunstable, and are always happy to help.


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