A Parent’s Guide to Childproofing Windows

Childproofing windows is an essential way to keep your home safe for your family. In this comprehensive guide, we have all the information you need to safeguard your children, including advice on childproofing products and accessories that will work best for you. 

childproofing windows with child safety blinds

Fitting Childproof Locks

Fitting childproof locks for windows is one simple way to childproof and baby proof windows in your home. Ensure that your windows are fitted with a certified childproof lock and, if that lock is secured with a key, make sure that key is stored up high where children can’t easily find it.

Installing Window Restrictor

Installing window restrictors allows you to keep your window safe while still letting fresh air in. These devices limit the amount a window can be opened, creating a gap too small for a child to accidentally fall through. This way your toddler can play in a well ventilated room where open windows don’t pose the same risks. 

Fitting Child Safe Blinds

The cords used to operate traditional blinds present a choking hazard to young children. Some accidents involving blind cords have, sadly, had tragic consequences. Luckily modern blinds offer a variety of child safe alternatives to traditional cords, allowing you to have blinds while also childproofing your windows. Some examples include:

Cordless Blinds

Often the simplest solutions are the best. These blinds are entirely operated by hand without a cord in sight, offering an easy method of childproofing windows.

Blue cordeless blinds in the kitchen

Motorised Blinds

Instead of a cord these blinds are operated with a remote control, completely removing the risks presented by a cord. 

Woman opening motorised blinds through a click of a button

Cord Lock-Away

With these blinds the cord is encased in a solid plastic rod that is rotated to operate them. A perfect solution to baby proofing your windows since the cord is secured in a casing impossible for a child to get tangled in.

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Childproof Your Window Sills

When thinking about childproofing windows it’s not just the window itself that can cause harm. Window sills have sharp corners, which could injure a young child playing near them. Soft, protective furniture guards fitted to window sills can prevent this by covering sharp edges and corners. This is to ensure that if your child does have an accident that it won’t be a serious one.

Consider A Window Guard

Window guards work in a similar way to stair guards and can prevent curious toddlers from putting themselves in unnecessary danger near windows. Allowing you to rest easy, knowing your child is safe if they get too close to a window.

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