Best Types of Blinds for Offices

office vertical blindsWhen deciding how to decorate your home, it’s very likely that you already have a strong sense of what you like and what it is you’re looking for. However, when it comes to the office, where do you begin? We understand that fitting out an office can be a difficult task because you’re looking for a wider appeal. Worry not, Allegro Blinds are here to offer a word of advice to help you make a choice that’ll look timeless and enhance your working environment.

What’s best for the workplace?

  • Good lighting

To ensure good lighting in the office, you will want to make sure you can fully customise the light with the use of fully functional blinds. For those working on computers, it’s vital that the lighting is just right because too little and too much light can cause eye strain. This can cause bigger problems to vision – such as computer vision syndrome (CVS).

  • Comfort

Direct light can be very uncomfortable to sit in front of all day long, so it’s important to choose blinds that offer optimal shade. With blinds, you will not only be able to angle the light but you will also be able to reflect the heat during those long summer days – and retain the heat throughout cold winter days. Blinds are an ideal way to maintain a nice office temperature and could also save you money on heating and air conditioning too.

For maximum comfort, Venetian blinds are ideal because they can be fully altered to best suit your requirements. Their slatted design allows light filtration and they can be slanted to ensure the sun’s rays are directed away from your eyes.

  • Flawless and uniform

What your office already looks like might influence your choice of the material and colour of the blinds. For example, if you have a very monotone office, you may wish to spruce up the room with a splash of colour. It’s a well known fact that colour has a huge affect on your behaviour. Colour can help our memory and productivity, so you may wish to choose colours such as green or blue, as they’re known to be the best ‘energetic colours’ that help with concentration and balance within the workplace.

  • Blackout for presentations

During presentations, to ensure the best visibility on screen, blackout blinds are the best option for the workplace. The opaque fabric in blackout blinds stop the sun’s rays from penetrating through and ensures an extremely clear image.

  • Automated blinds

Remote controlled blinds are ideal within the office because they save you time and effort. Instead of having to manually lift and adjust them every evening and morning, a simple pocket sized remote can do it all for you. One simple press of a button can ensure all of your blinds are positioned just so whilst you make your morning coffee.

You can even schedule your blinds according to the time of day, simply have your blinds lower and rise to your local sunrise and sunset times. With the use of automated blinds you can control the whole lot with one single remote.

  • Vertical blinds

Another stylish and modern decision for your workplace are vertical blinds, with a made-to-measure fit you can ensure your whole office looks fresh and uniform. They are extremely practical and easy to use, as a simple adjustment allows for precision light control and privacy.

If you’re looking for quality blinds and fittings, turn to Allegro Blinds, we’re a friendly family run business with over 70 years of experience in the industry. Get your free home visit and quotation today – simply find your local branch and let’s see what we can do for you!