Best Types of Blinds for Schools

Empty Classroom with roller blindsLight control is important in schools as too much sun can make children overheat and irritable and not enough light can make them tired and less productive. This is why we have put together a quick guide in order to help schools choose the most suitable blind style, to help increase productivity and maximise safety measures. June’s guide will keep schools well informed on the latest, safest, most effective and efficient light controlling blinds.

What to look out for:

  • Child safety features
  • Functionality
  • Antibacterial/fire retardant coatings
  • Durability
  • Simple/effective light control
  • Style
Class of primary school kids studying in a classroom

Child safetyis paramount when dressing your school windows with blinds, as any cords can end up in curious little hands, making them a potential risk hazard to pupils. It’s important that you choose blinds that are right for you and your school, whilst ensuring the utmost safety for the children. 

Stylish – although blinds are mainly there for functionality – you want to spruce up your building for attraction. Make your school a fun and an inspirational place to attend by adding some style and bold colours along the way.

Interactive whiteboards – if your school has these boards there’s all the more reason to have blinds fitted. When the sun shines it reflects off the whiteboard and it can be hard for teachers to teach and pupils to learn, this is why it’s important to have effective window coverings.

Type of blinds:

  • Roller blinds – are easy to function for both teachers and children, although they have cords they can be attached to the walls with clips meaning that the loops can’t be pulled away and played with. Rollers can also be motorised for those that wish to eliminate the use of the cord altogether. These type of blinds are ideal for classrooms and lunch areas as they’re simple to operate and provide shade during peak times of the day.
  • Vertical blinds – Ideal for teacher’s lounges and offices, offering privacy, shade and elegance. A great way to style and can also be altered with a wand for the utmost safety.
  • Venetian blinds – with a choice between aluminium and wood, Venetian blinds are an ideal window dressing for all areas of the school as they’ll keep a uniform look throughout. These too can be operated with a wand or cords – if you do choose cords just remember to attach them to the wall with specific blind clips. Their design allows you to filter the light accordingly during the day to keep the room bright whilst shielding the children from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Blackout blinds – are ideal for rooms where you will need complete darkness such as, the main hall where there will be assemblies and presentations will take place – blackout blinds will allow for a good quality projection.
  • Motorised blinds – If you’re looking for safe, affordable motorised blinds you should check out our wonderful range. We offer delightful alternatives to the manual cord including Pebble Remotes and Surface Remotes that can be scheduled to open and close at chosen times of the day. The remotes can also be mounted to the wall so pupils can’t get hold of them too. If you’re looking to save yourself a job then you can rely on motorised blinds to do all the light controlling for you, ensure a happy and healthy atmosphere today.

*Please make sure that the blinds you have fitted in schools are made from fire retardant materials.*

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