Child Safe Blinds – Safety Features Explained

Child safety is paramount; when a new baby is born and taken home for the first time, many things are baby proofed. This includes covering sharp edges, using cable tidies and stair gates. With these measures in mind, why risk leaving cables hanging down from your blinds? Children are curious beings and they learn through touch and taste, which is why this proofing process must take place in order to reduce preventable accidents.

After numerous heartbreaking incidents happening within the home due to the ‘silent killers’ blinds with cords, ‘child safe’ blinds are a solution to a safer, brighter future. Blind cords are dangerous to children because they can strangle and suffocate them, should they play with and become tangled up in them.

What are ‘child safe blinds’?

Child safe blinds come in various different forms, these include cordless, remote-controlled and those with in-built and external safety systems.


Eliminate the use of any cords to alter your blinds. Cordless blinds offer maximum safety and come in a number of colours, styles and a range of prices too. Methods of cordless blinds include remote controlled and pressure/manual blinds.

Remote-controlledelectric blinds with wall control

These blinds offer optimal light and privacy at the push of a button. The remote control enables the homeowner to adjust them wherever they are in the room, so there is no need to shift full attention from your child to the blinds. These blinds offer the utmost convenience and safety and even come with the option for a wall mount, where the remote can be placed out of reach from children.  

In-built safety systems

For blinds with cords, there are options for ‘child safe’ chain break connectors. These chains are built with your children in mind, unlike old cords, and are designed to snap when any sudden pressure is applied. So if a child were to become entangled up in or play with these cords, their safety is considered above all else.

Separate safety systems

For those blinds that do not have in-built safety systems, there are other options that include separate safety systems instead. These include a chain tidy, where the chain is securely attached to the wall, low enough for you to reach and high enough to be out of the reach of your children. A cleat is also a popular choice; this is attached to the side of the wall and used to wrap a cord around it in the figure of eight to ensure they’re fixed into place. A wand is another option; this is used just like a cord but without the potentially dangerous loop, used to adjust and raise/lower blinds with ease and will keep both children and pets safe.

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