Curtains vs Blinds: A Complete 2023 Guide

One question we often get asked by clients looking to upgrade their interiors is whether they should get curtains or blinds for their window dressing. Curtain vs blinds is a long debated topic in interior design, so this blog will walk you through the pros and cons of both, as well as some up and coming trends for 2023. 

Window dressing trends in 2023

In 2022, window dressing trends encompassed minimalism and beige interiors. This meant a lot of interior designers were using neutral blinds over curtains, as they give a more discrete touch to a room. For the ultimate minimalist interior, we saw a great deal of homes using white or beige roller blinds or blackout blinds throughout their home to maintain a calming consistency. 

In 2023, we’re still going to be seeing a lot of stylish minimalism, but there’s now a clear growing trend toward a more maximalism approach to home styling. Made popular by the likes of Instagram and TikTok, a lot of interior content creators are embracing colour, fun ornaments and quirky homeware for 2023. 

A maximalist home lends itself to both bespoke blinds or curtains that can tie together a beautifully colourful home. Printed blinds can be created to match a funky wallpaper print, or even your favourite bedding! Curtains can be a statement in a room, with a variety of available colours. But for a truly bespoke window dressing, we think that printed blinds win this particular curtains vs blinds debate!

Smart Technology

One trend we think is here to stay for 2023 is the use of smart technology for blinds and shutters. At Allegro, our motorised blinds proved hugely popular for a number of reasons: 

  • Remote control and motorised blinds offer complete comfort by automatically opening and closing depending on the seasons. This helps to keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 
  • Child safe
  • Modernising your home, ultimately adding value to it when you decide to sell

One of our favourite benefits of motorised blinds is the ability to use them to boost your circadian rhythm. These blinds can be set to automatically open when the sun rises, giving you the perfect wake up.

This smart home technology is a huge advancement in interior design. Automatic curtains are also an option for a stylish window dressing, but these are restricted to standard windows. Motorised blinds give you all the benefits of ease and comfort, while being perfect for hard to reach places such as skylights

Blackout blinds vs curtains 

If you’re finding that there’s too much light being let into a particular room in your home, or there’s a room that you want dark (such as a bedroom or nursery), blackout blinds or curtains are the best option. 

Although blackout curtains are excellent at blocking out light, and can be bought in various thickness options, the fact they’re tricky to clean can put people off going for this option. As well as being much easier to clean, a blackout blind can be much more durable and long lasting than curtains. You can also tailor the amount of light you want in your room with a blind, where curtains are either open or closed.

Read more about blackout blinds vs curtains.

Are blinds more expensive than curtains? 

Blinds tend to be slightly less expensive than curtains, so it can be a popular choice if you’re looking at keeping the costs down in the current financial situation. 

As well as a lower upfront cost, good quality blinds are much more durable and they’re expected to last for just under 10 years! 

Finally, the cleaning process. Curtains typically need to be dry-cleaned to remove any smells, stains or build-up that has embedded onto the material overtime. Most blinds are simply cleaned with a damp cloth and warm water, making it a quick, cheap and easy process. 

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Although we may be a little biassed, we think that blinds certainly win the curtains vs blinds debate for 2023! They’re stylish, cost effective, require minimal effort and they’re great if you’re wanting to modernise your interiors.

If you’d like to discuss your window dressing options, and arrange a consultation, please contact us today.