How Blinds Can Help You Keep the Heat in Your Home

With rising energy bills, most people in the UK are considering how they can save money on their heating costs. Window insulation is crucial for making sure that your home is free from cold drafts that blow in over the frosty months. 

Read about how blinds can keep heat in by insulating your windows and minimising unwanted draft. 

What blinds are best for keeping heat

Investing in good quality double or triple glazing is key to insulating your home. Pairing the perfect blinds to adorn your double/triple glazing windows will give you maximum protection from the elements over winter.

Investing in these energy-saving window solutions will ultimately reduce your energy bills, and save you money. 

Blackout blinds

As well as acting as an important piece of soft furnishing for keeping heat out of your home thanks to blocking sunlight, blackout blinds are also a fantastic choice for stopping the cold from entering your rooms. 

Their heat-regulating properties mean that you can choose blackout blinds as a versatile choice. As well as this, they’re also a stylish addition to any room in your home – making them hugely popular with our customers. 

Pleated blinds

As pleated blinds don’t contain slats, they’re a sensible choice for keeping the heat in over winter. The thick material of pleated blinds can reduce the amount of heat that’s passed through into the room. 

Roman blinds

The reason Roman Blinds are on our list is because their material thickness provides a solid barrier between any drafts passing through your window, and your room. 

Roman Blinds are also popular window coverings to keep cold out, as they save money while being really easy to maintain. As they come in so many different styles, you have a huge amount of choice to help save energy, while maintaining a stylish interior. 

Other ways you can insulate your windows

Without effective insulation, you can lose around 10% of the heat in your home. As well as making sure that you have double or triple-glazed windows, styling your windows with shutters can be effective in keeping the heat in. 

Shutters give your home a modern look and feel while giving you control over how much light enters your room.

Shutters are a popular heat-saving option as they can be closed in the dark, cold winter evenings, but also provide shade and cool on warm summer days. Their sophisticated design also allows for privacy in your home. 

Are blinds or curtains better for keeping heat in?

Like blinds, curtains insulate windows by adding a layer of material between any window draft and the room. 

However, floor-length curtains often hang over radiators which can mean that the heat travels upward and is then trapped between the material and the room.  

Ultimately, floor-length curtains may not be such a good choice for keeping the heat in your home as they can have the reverse effect of creating an efficient, energy-saving window solution. 

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