How Much Do Electric Blinds Cost and How Do They Work?

Remote blinds are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses looking to upgrade their window treatments. They offer convenience with a modern design, and they give the ability to operate your blinds from your phone or smart device. But, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this blog, we’ll be covering common questions such as: How much do electric blinds cost? (And) How do electric blinds work?

remote control electric roller blinds

How do electric blinds work?

There are a wide range of different blind variations that can be made into electric window treatments. Some of the most popular options include:

How much do electric blinds cost in the UK?

On average, electric blinds cost around £105 extra per blind to have them motorised. This investment can also be a little bit more if they are retrofitted. 

One option we offer at Allegro, if you have a number of blinds at one window (bifolds for example), is to connect multiple blinds that work from a single motor. This helps to reduce the cost of having multiple motors. 

Remote controlled blinds

Motorised blinds are typically operated using a remote control, which can be anything from a single channel handset up to a 16 channel handset, depending on the number of blinds required for your home. 

With our electric blinds at Allegro, it doesn’t matter if you have different blinds for different windows, they can all be controlled with a single remote. It also means that all of your electric blinds can be controlled at once from the click of a button! This is perfect for easily controlling the amount of light you let into your home in the morning, or for privacy in the evening. 

Although a wall switch for your motorised blinds is an option, most of our clients at Allegro enjoy the convenience and freedom of a remote handset.

bathroom motorised blinds with remote control

Smart home electric blinds

Smart home electric blinds are becoming increasingly more popular with the growth of modern smart home technology. Motorised blinds can be programmed to work with this modern technology, meaning they can be controlled remotely, as well as with a central device.

Our blind experts have smart hubs available which are compatible with popular systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We can do a full set up and installation, although we do also offer self-set up for our smart home electric blinds too. 

One of the other reasons why motorised blinds are so popular in modern homes is because they offer built-in scene/timer functionality. This means you can program your blinds according to the sun for the perfect wake up. 

How are Velux electric blinds powered

There are three ways of operating a skylight / Velux blind:


This is either by hand, depending on the height of the window, or by an aluminium operating pole which connects to the bottom bar of the blind.

Mains Power

If your window is motorised, then the blind will connect to the windows built-in power and operate via a remote control. This is generally designed to be wall mounted. You can either have one handset per window, or link them so one handset controls all blinds in the same room.

Solar Power

This works in a similar way as main powered electric blinds, but the one difference is that the window is manually operated by hand/ pole and the blind has a built-in solar panel on the back which trickle charges the motor. This means it’s always charged and ready to operate! 

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