How to Choose the Best Blinds for Children’s Rooms

Choosing the best blinds for your child’s room will help to give their space a peaceful, quiet ambience for sleep. 

Picking children’s blinds can be a minefield, so we’ll take you through a number of different options to suit your requirements. 

Nursery Blinds

For a nursery, you want blinds that give your baby the most peaceful and undisturbed rest possible. Blackout nursery blinds are the best option for creating a dark room – perfect for naptime when it’s light outside. 

With blackout nursery blinds, you can make sure your baby keeps to their sleep schedule by blocking out any light from entering their nursery. 

As well as being perfect for rest, blackout blinds tie together a new nursery’s interior just perfectly. With a wide selection of styles, patterns and colours available, our blinds at Allegro are made to suit you and your interior style.

Blackout blinds are also one of the best window dressing options for efficiency. They help to protect against draughts and the cold weather, which also means your baby can get their all-important rest in a comfortable temperature. 

With a range of colours and prints to choose from, our window decoration experts can create the perfect set of blinds for your nursery. 

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Printed Roller Blinds 

Printed blinds can be the best choice for your children’s room if you’re looking to give their space a fun pop of colour. The range of colours and prints that you can get with children’s roller blinds makes them a stylish interior design choice for your child’s space.

With our wide selection of prints and patterns, why not let their imagination run wild? Our wide selection of blinds from Allegro means your child can choose the perfect blind to suit their personality and style.

Child-safe roller blinds are also highly practical and efficient by reducing drafts and cold weather or heat. The temperature regulation features of these blinds mean that as well as saving money on bills, they can help your child to get an undisturbed night’s rest. 

Day and Night Blinds 

This new innovation of blinds allows you complete control over how much light is let into your child’s room, without obstructing their view from the window. Also known as twist or multi-shade blinds, Vision Day and Night blinds are a great choice for children by offering privacy, the perfect lighting, and a good view from their window – all at the same time. 

At Allegro, this option comes in many different styles and finishes, so you can match your children’s bedroom aesthetic and colour scheme to the blind.

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Child safety 

Above anything, the blinds you choose for your children’s rooms must be completely safe. At Allegro, we have a wide selection of blinds which have been designed to meet strict child safety standards. 

Landlords must also consider blind safety to ensure they’re ‘Safe by Design’ for their tenants. This is to ensure there are no dangerous loops that could cause an accident.

To protect children from the possible danger of blinds, there are a number of different options: 

  • Getting an in-built safety system fitted by a blind installation expert. With these systems, the cord is designed to break if any pressure is applied to the cord
  • Attaching a chain tidy system, so the cord is attached safely to the wall and not dangling next to the window
  • Cordless options, such as pressure/manual blinds

Read more about our child-safe blind features. 

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