How to Choose the Perfect Sun Shade Canopy for your Outdoor Space

As you prepare to fire up the barbeque, fill the paddling pools and (we hope!) enjoy the sun this summer, you may be wondering how to get more shade in your garden so you can cool off and protect against strong rays. A sun shade canopy can shelter against the elements whilst adding extra style to your home. 

Whether you have a large lawn, a small and cosy space or an outdoor patio, we will guide you through our best shade ideas for your garden. 

taupe canopy on the outdoor lakeside bar

Assessing your outdoor space

When looking at different sun shade canopies, it is important to take stock of your space. Where do you get the most light and how does that change during the day? Is there a particular place where you like to read a book, eat or have your morning coffee, but need some shade for the brighter days, or shelter from rain?

Versatility in large gardens

For those blessed with larger gardens, there are many shade ideas to play with. 

If you have children and want to create a play area with peace of mind knowing they are safe from burning, a sun shade installation can be ideal. This could be an oversized umbrella or a free-standing pergola if you desire something that doesn’t attach to your home. It can also be moved to different areas – you could use it to create a dining area, work from home space or even a poolside retreat. However, whilst you can leave a pergola without covers to let the light in, bear in mind these can be cumbersome to dismantle. 

A fitted awning that attaches to a wall is another great way to protect against the elements. The purpose of the awning will dictate the size you need – are you planning on hosting large parties, or would you need a smaller, more decorative sun shade canopy?

Optimising space in small gardens

Even with limited space, a sun shade canopy can transform a garden into a highly functional and inviting retreat. If your garden is smaller, consider a triangle sun shade sail – a visually pleasing and modern installation that is simple yet effective in creating a shady spacy.

A compact and retractable awning can also maximise the available space. These versatile sun canopies will allow you to keep cool in the shade during the hottest hours of the day, whilst letting you enjoy the sunlight when you desire.

Lighter colours will block out and reflect the sun more effectively, and can create a more spacious, airy atmosphere.

Choosing a sun shade canopy for your patio

patio awning

With a patio awning, you can make maximum use of your garden patio come sunshine or rain. Electric and automated awnings will provide you with the ultimate convenience.

Shade from the sun in style by choosing the right fabric. Colour, shape and material will depend on how much sun blockage you wish to achieve, desired water resistance and which colour will compliment your exterior. Check out our awning fabric guide for more information.

Weather protection for commercial establishments

Restaurants, cafes and shops with outdoor areas can benefit greatly from a shade canopy installation. They create more comfortable outdoor dining areas for customers, extending usable space and attracting more customers.

dark green canopy

Get sun shade advice from the experts at Allegro

At Allegro Blinds, our range of awnings includes a wide variety of colours, styles and materials to suit your needs. Whether your outdoor space is a large or small garden, patio area or commercial establishment, we are specialists in fitting sun shade canopies that are bespoke to your needs. 

Find out more about our awnings fitting services or contact us at your local branch for friendly advice and sun shade ideas.