What are Day and Night / Twist Vision Blinds?

Vision / Day & Night Blinds

There’s a brand new style of blinds on the market and everyone is talking about it. Day and Night blinds, otherwise known as Twist Vision Blinds, are growing in popularity. Luckily for our important customers we supply and install these wonderful new blinds. This month, we’re here to tell you what Day and Night blinds are, how they work and why they might be just what you’ve been looking for.

What are Day & Night Blinds?

These blinds are unique because they have two layers of fabric; one layer is transparent and the other is a block colour. The whole point of these differing fabrics is to allow for easy day and night usage. The transparent layer is regarded as the ‘day blind’ and the block colour the ‘night blind’. However these can be altered to accomplish a range of lighting solutions. Whatever the weather you can shift the blinds for complete, none or partial transparency.

How do Day and Night Blinds work?

Day and Night blinds also get the name ‘Twist Vision blinds’ because of how they operate. The two separate materials slide past each other simply at the twist of a cord. These blinds are somewhat of a hybrid between roller blinds and Venetian blinds, taking the best of both worlds and incorporating the two. Day and Night blinds can be completely retracted, extended and twisted to angle the light – a characteristic taken from the Venetian blind.

Why are Day and Night Blinds so popular?

Day and Night blinds are revolutionary because they are the only style of blinds that feature transparent and opaque horizontal panels. This new technology allows all homeowners to find the right level of privacy and light that suits them best.   

Twist vision blinds can be customised from a variety of colours to embrace their ultra-modern style. Day and night blinds offer a simplistic and classy finish to seamlessly fit into your home’s modern interior design and come with multiple benefits.

Benefits of Twist Vision BlindsVision / Day & Night Blinds

Day and Night blinds offer many things to both domestic and commercial customers alike. They are the perfect addition to your home all year round. Benefits include:

  • Insulation – because of their two layers, Day and Night blinds are an ideal way to insulate the home. Their ability to trap and retain the heat between their two layers means that they will help to reduce your energy bills because they can retain the heat during the winter and reflect the heat during the summer.
  • Shade – during the summer, we’re often thankful for a bit of shade especially when we’ve been exposed to the heat throughout the day. So when you head home and you’re ready to unwind and relax with the family, have the right amount of shade to keep your home cool and eliminate the glare on the TV.
  • Atmosphere – as the winter months approach, it’s time to make the most of the limited daylight hours and the warmth from your central heating. Day and Night blinds come in a range of colours including deep reds, purples and greens. These colours are not only festive but provide a fresh look for the rest of the year. Their layered style will also ensure a warm, cosy atmosphere so you and the family can get involved with a classic board game without worrying about anything else.  
  • Ideal light control – in the winter, the sun is generally low and often at eye level. When we drive we have a sun visor, when we’re walking around town we wear sunglasses, so why deal with it when you’re in the comfort of your own home or office? Day and Night blinds allow for optimal light control and can enhance your daily routine, making each day effortless. Angle the sun’s rays so you can get enough light into the room, without having to move around the room or squint at your computer screen.

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