What Are Skylights?

Every homeowner wants natural light in their home – it can improve our mood as well as our health. This is why so many of us are now choosing homes with skylights. Skylights, sometimes called ‘roof windows’ or ‘velux windows’, are windows built into the roof of a house. They let light stream into your […]

How to Get Natural Light into a Dark Room

A light, bright room is not only instantly welcoming, but can also have health-boosting benefits. A dark room is sure to do the opposite, feeling small and cold, so lighten up those dark spaces by finding ways to maximise natural light opportunities. Benefits of natural light The benefits of bringing more natural light into our lives are […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Skylight Blinds

If you’re lucky enough to have a skylight in your property, you’ll no doubt be well aware of the benefits of such a window; the morning light streaming in and the sound of rain hitting the window whilst you’re cosy indoors. While a skylight is a luxury to be enjoyed, you should also consider installing […]