How to Choose the Perfect Sun Shade Canopy for your Outdoor Space

As you prepare to fire up the barbeque, fill the paddling pools and (we hope!) enjoy the sun this summer, you may be wondering how to get more shade in your garden so you can cool off and protect against strong rays. A sun shade canopy can shelter against the elements whilst adding extra style […]

Awning & Canopy Glossary – The Different Styles Explained

This month, we’re here to share with you all of the different types of awnings and canopies available. Our experts will explain the differences between the styles, their functionality and where they’re best implemented. Dutch Canopy – originated in the Netherlands, which is how it got the name -the Dutch Canopy became popular amongst shop […]

6 Tips for Cleaning Canvas Awnings and Canopies

This month, Allegro Blinds will be taking a look at how home and business owners can keep their awnings and canopies clean. Appropriately caring for your precious awnings and canopies is absolutely essential, especially when they’re built to welcome guests approaching your homes and shop fronts. As you can imagine with bouts of burning sun […]