Best Shutter Designs For Mediterranean Style Interior

The Mediterranean look reminds us all of summer holidays, getaways, stunning rustic looking homes, the tranquility of the sea and wide, open landscapes. So there’s no doubt that it would be wonderful to enjoy this feeling year round in our very own homes. Bring the beachy, romantic vibes back with you with a simple change of decor and have your own Mediterranean home to fall in love with.

What parts of my home can change to make for a Mediterranean interior?


  • Floorswhen deciding on your flooring, think tiles and patterns. Although polished wooden floors look nice, a great way to embrace the Mediterranean design is to opt for terracotta tiles, grey flagstones, natural stone tiles, mosaics and ceramic tiles.
  • Colours & textureschoose bright colours and a variety of textures that will offer a vibrant and earthy finish to your home. For the Mediterranean look, white stucco walls add great texture, it is a plaster cement covering that makes a room look bigger and open – pair this with green/blue furnishings and embellishments and you’ll be well on your way to themed decor.  
  • Window solutionsarch windows and blue painted frames are typical Mediterranean features. So to enhance your newly painted frames, avoid heavy curtains and opt for shutters, so you can enjoy your new look. There are many types of shutters to choose from including: wooden shutters and plantation shutters – this rustic style will fit well into your Mediterranean design.
  • Ornaments and embellishmentsan eclectic mix of ornaments is a great way to decorate your home. Enjoy mini coffee tables, olive oil jars, mason jars and fresh flowers in a mosaic vase, wrought iron chairs, wickerwork, woven sea grass and an abundance of fabrics such as wool, cotton and silk.  
  • Gardenfor an extra dash of luxury, you could add: a water feature, wrought iron fences with climbing plants growing up them, small pebbled pathways and a little area where you can sit and enjoy the view.


Incorporating a mediterranean design into your home decor using blinds/shutters:

  •  Mediterranean style wooden shuttersif you have large windows, the chances are you would like more privacy but also like to enjoy the view. With wooden shutters you can embrace both and still cater to your Mediterranean design. Wooden shutters are quirky alternatives that offer great sound and thermal insulation, added privacy, curb appeal, UV protection and very little maintenance.


  •  Mediterranean style plantation shuttersare built in your home’s interior, so they’re easier to maintain and are positioned away from everyday outside pollution; so you can be sure that they stay looking better for longer. Plantation shutters offer you the flexibility and complete control of the light and air flow into your home. Not to mention their classic design adds perfectly to your Mediterranean style interior decor.


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