5 Matching Wallpaper and Blinds Combinations

Coordinating your wallpaper and blinds is a sure way to give your interiors a chic look. With matching wallpaper and blinds, you can transform the feel of your room without having to go to the effort and expense of buying new furniture.  Read on to learn all about finding the perfect blinds to match your […]

Spring Décor Ideas to Transform Your Home

As the weather warms up and spring approaches, it’s time to wave goodbye to winter and start thinking of ways to brighten up our homes. Spring cleaning and decorating your home go hand-in-hand and are a great way to give your space a fresh feel. Whether you’re looking to go all out with redecorating your […]

How to Paint Shutters?

If your shutters are looking a little tired, or you simply feel it’s time for a change of look, then you may be considering painting them. If that’s the case, then it will help to read this guide from Allegro Blinds to avoid any mistakes. In this piece, we’ll run you through how to paint […]

The Security Benefits of Shutters

It’s imperative to any homeowner to do all they can to keep intruders out of their home. From burglar alarms to CCTV, there are many ways to keep prying eyes away from your house. However, physical barriers can be equally as effective, if not more so. Here’s how classic window shutters can help boost security […]

Best Blinds & Shutters for Casement Windows

Casement windows can be tricky to dress. From blinds to shutters, it can be difficult to decide on a style which is right for your home. Allegro Blinds are here to advise you on our timeless, versatile window covering solutions.   The best blinds for casement windows There are many different types of blinds that […]

The Best of Both Worlds – Cafe Style Shutters

When we think of window solutions, most of us will either consider blinds or curtains, but what about shutters? This month Allegro Blinds are here to discuss how cafe style shutters can be implemented perfectly into your property, along with the various other types of shutters you should look out for. Get the best of […]

Best Shutter Designs For Mediterranean Style Interior

The Mediterranean look reminds us all of summer holidays, getaways, stunning rustic looking homes, the tranquility of the sea and wide, open landscapes. So there’s no doubt that it would be wonderful to enjoy this feeling year round in our very own homes. Bring the beachy, romantic vibes back with you with a simple change […]

Dressing Your Bay or Bow Window: Blinds and Shutters Considerations

Many of us live in homes with impressive large bay or bow windows but there’s one well known problem homeowners tend to face when decorating a home with these characteristics; how to dress them effectively. This month Allegro Blinds are here to provide you with some tips on which types of blinds and shutters to […]

Four Main Styles of Interior Window Shutters Explained

This month with Allegro Blinds, we’re here to share our professional guide to the four main styles of window shutters. We understand how important it is to get our window solutions right the first time, not only so they fit to perfection but also so they last for many years to come. To find out […]

Choosing Between Window Shutter Materials

Internal window shutters are a fantastic addition to any home, being very attractive to look at, but also helping you to keep your home warmer during the winter months through added insulation, and keeping your home cool in the summer by keeping out the beating sunlight. You can open and close them as you see […]