Simple Office Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, but is your work office ready for the festive season?  From decorating your office blinds to giving your windows a festive look, we’ve come up with some simple office Christmas decoration ideas to help your office get ready for the most wonderful time of the year. Easy office Christmas […]

How to Remove Blinds

Every so often, it’ll be time to take our blinds from our windows, either to clean them, paint a window frame or perhaps replace them with a new window dressing. When that time comes, it’s important that blinds are removed from your window in the correct manner, and Allegro Blinds are going to run through […]

Most Common Problems with Different Types of Blinds

Blinds are a simple, stylish window dressing solution, effortlessly operated for ultimate convenience. However, even the most practical blind can encounter some issues from time to time. But fear not,  we’re on hand to help you fix them and prevent those problems from happening again.   Roller Blinds Although one of the most popular and […]

How To Make Your Home Super Cosy This Winter

One of the most popular lifestyle trends of recent years has been brought from Scandinavia and quite rightly so – their look is completely refreshing because they love the clean, neutral colour palette. Although you may be thinking, I want warm colours in the winter, think again. The true Hygge home/Scandi-style incorporates fresh, clean fixtures […]

Tips For Cleaning Roller Blinds

Every now and then marks and layers of dust become noticeable on upholstery and, once you’ve spotted it, it can become a regular reminder that it’s time for a good old clean. If you’re fed up of seeing dirty roller blinds, listen up! Allegro Blinds are here to offer you 6 cleaning tips to get […]