Blinds For Large Windows

If you have large feature windows in your home, it’s important you know how best to dress them in order to maximise your natural light and enjoy the pleasant views. This month, Allegro Blinds are here to advise you on the different types of window covering solutions, so you can tailor your home’s design to ensure your beautiful large windows get the attention they deserve. From vertical blinds to motorised blinds, we’re here to help you find the right blinds for you.


Choosing blinds for wide or high windows

Take note of the shape of your windows, they may be:


  • Wide and tall windows
  • Tall and thin windows
  • Wide and long windows


When choosing your blinds to suit these logistically tricky shapes, think practical and decorative – you needn’t be limited – there are enough blinds solutions to make your windows much more manageable. Finding the perfect blinds for large windows can be a pain but, with a made-to-measure service, your blinds can offer the perfect amount of privacy, natural light and coverage you’ve been looking for.


Types of blinds for large windows


Vertical blinds

If you have multiple windows in a row or large french doors, vertical blinds are a great choice. Vertical blinds can measure up to 475 cm wide 360 cm long – these extra long blinds are suitable for windows that drop from the ceiling to the floor! This style can be tailored to any windows and you can guarantee they will look elegant open or closed – an ideal way to cover a substantial area.  For full flexibility you can extend and draw vertical blinds completely, so you have full natural light or none at all. You can tilt them too, this angles the light that enters the room. Vertical blinds are incredibly neat solutions and give the illusion that the windows are even bigger thanks to their lovely, clean lines.


Venetian blinds

This style of blind suits a plethora of windows, especially those that are wide and tall. Their slatted design makes for great simplicity and effective light control, which means they’re easy to adjust perfectly suited to hard to reach windows. Venetian blinds are extremely low maintenance and simple to clean, which is perfect if you require extra wide Venetian blinds. The last thing you want to be doing is removing material blinds down from their fittings and be without window coverings for an extended period of time. With Venetian blinds, a simple wipe down of each slat is all that’s required.

These blinds are extremely versatile and can look impressive wherever they’re installed, whether that’s in an office or in your home. What’s more, they come in a multitude of finishes including oak wood, acacia wood, aluminium, gloss, metal and more!


Roller blinds

These are great blinds for big windows, especially if it’s a simple and effective solution you’re looking for. Roller blinds are brilliant for bay windows, where there are multiple stand-alone windows close together. Having them installed to fit perfectly over each window will use this style to its maximum potential – so you could have one completely retracted, one extended and the other in the middle. You could also be experimental with your colour choice, perhaps graduating colours or contrasting – whatever makes your home pop!


For professional advice, excellent products and a first-rate installation – trust in the team from Allegro Blinds who have over 70 years of experience within the industry and a sterling reputation thanks to a long history of happy customers. With branches in Harrow/Pinner, Watford/Bushey, St Albans, Welwyn and Dunstable/London, simply find the nearest branch to you and let’s discuss your requirements today.