Block Out the Glaring Summer Sun with Blackout Blinds

Summer is a welcome blessing, and a time to be outside in the warmth, but it can be a curse when it comes time to try and snatch a restful forty winks. It can be even more difficult for those of us who have kids, as trying to settle them down and wish them “sweet dreams” when the sun is still shining can become a nightmare.

Blackout blinds are the simple answer to this seasonal problem. Not only are they perfect for the bedroom, they can be used in the living room for a family movie afternoon, or if you want to protect furniture or paintings that are easily faded by the sun.

Why is darkness important?

Our natural sleep cycle is affected hugely by light; darkness stimulates the production of the sleep hormone melatonin while the presence of light interferes with its production.

Sleep is vital to children’s development and alertness. Children need between 9 – 16 hours sleep, depending on their age, and sometimes during the day as well. This becomes incredibly difficult in the summer months when sunlight is glaring through the windows for up to 16 hours each day.

What can blackout blinds offer?

Blackout blinds completely block most of the light’s passage into a room, giving you and your family the darkness needed for a serene slumber. Not only this, but blackout fabric window dressings also combat other uncomfortable aspects of summer. They also help as thermal insulators, keeping rooms cooler. In addition, they also have some sound-absorption abilities, muffling noise from the street outside to keep your home peaceful.

So what are you options to block out the glaring summer sun?

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds don’t have to be black; a range of colours and patterns are available to suit your bedroom’s decor. Blackout blinds are treated with a backing that is designed to stop light penetrating the fabric, keeping your room dark and tranquil, ready for restful night’s sleep.

Layering your dressings

For an attractive aesthetic, and to bar the sun from your bedroom, you could try layering both blinds and curtains. One option is to dress your window with some blackout blinds and hang sheer curtains in front of them to create a homely look that still offers all the benefits of blackout.

Want to sleep easier? Allegro Blinds offer a range of made to measure blackout blinds, perfect for creating night time ambiance whatever the hour. We provide a range of different styles, patterns and colours to suit any home. Get in touch today to arrange a free home visit and quotation.