The Best Blinds for Ground Floor Windows

Being on the ground floor of an apartment building or an office has its perks; the main advantage being that there is no need to climb the stairs. However, one of the potential drawbacks of occupying the ground floor is that your windows are at eye level for passers-by, so there’s the likelihood that people may be peering in as they go past. In this article, Allegro Blinds are going to reveal the best blinds for ground floor windows, helping you to maintain your privacy and the interior aesthetic of the building. 


If your bedroom is on the ground floor of a building, the last thing you want is people looking in when you’re trying to get some rest. Blackout blinds are an ideal choice for completely shutting out the outside world – their thickness can block out light as well as providing good protection from the cold by keeping heat in the room. If you would like to get some sleep that is undisturbed by street lights or sunshine, blackout blinds are your best friend. Available in a wide range of styles, patterns and colours, there’s always a blackout blind to suit your space. 

Light control

One of the main features of blinds is their ability to control just how much light gets in the room. With Venetian blinds, the horizontal slats allow for different amounts of light to filter in – twist them slightly for a bit of morning sun, completely open them to make the most of the day or close them to keep the light out.

A newer take on the window blind presents an interesting choice for ground floor occupants: Vision blinds. Also known as day & night blinds, they’re constructed from an innovative combination of translucent and opaque material, and these materials provide privacy and wonderful lighting in abundance. 


While blinds are responsible for maintaining our privacy and controlling the amount of light in the room, the way they look is just as important. Allusion blinds are an incredibly attractive choice – light, floaty material that allows light into the room without giving prying eyes a chance to peer inside. 

Perfect Fit blinds provide one of the cleanest looks of all window dressings. As the name suggests, they are made to fit exactly into your window recess, so there’s no need to worry about unsightly gaps or light sneaking in through the sides of a closed blind. Available in roller, Venetian and pleated varieties, there’s a Perfect Fit blind for every taste and every window.

Allegro Blinds are proud to provide a huge range of blinds for ground floor flats and offices, including Venetian blinds, vision blinds, Perfect Fit blinds and much more. For more information about our services across Dunstable, Watford, Harrow and the surrounding areas, please contact us today.