The Best of Both Worlds – Cafe Style Shutters

When we think of window solutions, most of us will either consider blinds or curtains, but what about shutters? This month Allegro Blinds are here to discuss how cafe style shutters can be implemented perfectly into your property, along with the various other types of shutters you should look out for. Get the best of both worlds with optimal light and ultimate privacy when you choose the perfect shutter style.


What are cafe style shutters?
This style of shutter is very different to anything else you will see on the market. They do not cover the entire window and whilst you may be asking ‘why would I want that?’ there’s certainly a good reason. Cafe style shutters are an ideal way to create privacy where you need it most but still allow in lots of natural light – ideal for homeowners that don’t want to cover up feature windows.


Where would I install a cafe style shutter?

Cafe style shutters are ideal for communal rooms, best implemented in the kitchen, living room or study. You might also consider installing them in your bathroom – if you have large windows – you won’t be seen by anyone outside but you can enjoy the light coming through. Another reason why this window solution works well in the bathroom, is that it offers you a little luxury at night. We all wake up from time to time needing to use the toilet but turning on the main lights to see can wake us up but with cafe style shutters, you will still be able to see, thanks to the outside light peeking in through the top section.  


Cafe style shutters aren’t commonly used in bedrooms because most of us like to block out all of the light at night. However, this can easily be solved, should you wish to have them in the bedroom, a pair of curtains can cover the entirety of the windows for a blackout at night.


Range of benefits cafe style shutters provide your property:


  • Light exposure and privacy at the same time Keeping the top section of your window open, offers your home the best of both worlds because it allows light to flood the room, whilst offering privacy – should you have a lazy day on the sofa.


  • Stylish look

    Let’s face it, cafe style shutters are unique and offer all properties the luxury of this ‘open’ feeling throughout the home. It’s nice a embellishment to all properties and can entice potential buyers or those looking to rent because it’s quite the modern touch.




  • Window features accentuation Accentuate your best features, bay windows for example, are beautiful characteristics and the last thing you want to do is take away from the light and space they give to your home. Covering a bay window with curtains can be tricky and window vinyls can look tacky but cafe style shutters are idyllic, allowing you to show off your bay windows in all of their glory! 
  • You won’t lose your view

    Cafe style shutters are perfect for those living in the countryside or have a wide view over a city because you will always be able to see out of the window and make the most of the landscape around you.


  • Easy to maintain

    Cafe style shutters are half the maintenance, quite literally. With window coverings that only take up half of your window, you can access them easily and simply dust along each slat.  



Other styles of shutters:


  • Cafe style shutters
  • Cafe shutters
  • Wooden shutters
  • Half shutters
  • Decorative shutters


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